Thursday, February 2, 2012


It has been awhile since I have posted. Everyday continues to bring challenges and opportunities, depending unfortunately, on how I may be feeling. But always remembering what Dad would say...ehwuhyagunnado? Lately, I've been watching the challenges and opportunities my daughter & son are going through. Joseph continues to be blessed with certain athletic skills that continue to amaze me and other people. He approaches his kicking skills as an artist who is both passionate and disciplined. My hope is that he will always focus on the small steps to achieve his goals, while always being aware of the big picture. Perhaps the irony of life as my father taught me. Our daughter, Emilia, is facing new challenges & opportunities, too. So proud of the things she has already accomplished. Graduating with honors from high school and a major university. Finding a job with a large corporation and excelling. Moving and living on her own in a great American city, Boston. And now, accepting a new job in Nashville with a new company. Our prodigal daughter is coming home to live with us for awhile. Deep breath all around. OK, it is a blessing for my wife and me. After these many years, Emilia is returning and will be living under our roof. She is no longer that curly red head little girl, but rather, a young adult who is making her way through life. And we are blessed to be a part of her life, her challenges & dreams. Still, I will always see her as my little girl. Fidgia mio. And as she travels that road of life ahead...I hope and pray that she will remember the wisdom and insight she showed me one morning so long ago. Emmy was around 3 or 4 years old. I was taking her to daycare, but told her we had to first stop at the bank. She got all excited at the thought of going to the bank and getting a strawberry lollipop. As I left our house, I took some back roads. She started crying. I asked her why she was crying. She yelled,"you said we were going to the bank and this isn't the way to the bank!" I assurred her that we were still going to the bank, and that I was just taking another road. The she replied, "Oh, so you can get to the same place by taking a different road." I pulled the car over and started to cry. It isn't everyday that God speaks to you through one of his angels. So you follow your many dreams in life, always remember the words you told me that day so long ago. Welcome home. Love, Daddy.


JGabriel22 said...

Dear Mr. Occhipinti,

My name is Roberto Scrofani. I'm writing to you because I am researching my family history and I believe we may be distantly related. I believe three of my great aunts and uncles moved to Youngstown Ohio in the early 1900's and at least one of their children married an Occhipinti.

My great uncle Carmelo Scrofani 1974-1947, Rosa Scrofani 1868-1930's who Married Angelo Cappuzzello and another Rosaria who married Cappuzzello's brother Francesco all came to Youngstown. Giuseppe Occhipinti came with Concetta Maria his wife to America on together with Carmelo on the Nektar in May 1905. Their names actually directly follow my great uncle which means that they actually came not only on the same boat but came together. While Giuseppe Occhipinti came straight to Youngstown my great uncle made a stop at Punxsatauney PA for a few years and eventually moved to Youngstown himself, almost next door to Joseph Elizabeth and their children John, Helen, Elizabeth Occhipinti. I believe his son John may have been your father?

I believe John's wife may have been a Cappuzzello. I have very fragmentary records and any light you can shed on their connections would be greatly appresciated.

Thomas J. Occhipinti said...

I am so sorry....I never saw your post until late last night....if you get this can find me on Facebook. Tom Occhipinti Nashville, TN. I have information for you...I knew them well...and you have blood and I are connected by marriages from your surname to my paternal grandmother's Cappuzello line.