Monday, January 5, 2009

Life's Road is a Circle.

Over the past few months, I have concluded once again that life's road is not a straight line...but a circle. In late August, I had emailed a former contact at the Panasonic Co.,(I wrote a couple of jingles for them in the early 1990's) and invited him to check out our new website. He emailed back and shared that he was moved by the things I wrote about Dad, in TOOLS. He then shared that he had recently lost his father over the past year. I mailed him 2 complimentary CD copies of TOOLS, and asked that he pass a copy on to his former supervisor, as I mention the relationship with Panasonic in TOOLS(Chapter-Humility).

The very day he had earlier given the copy of TOOLS to his former supervisor, now a corporate VP, a strategy meeting was proceeding in Manhattan. The ad agency for Panasonic proposed that the final cap to their year long campaign development to help Panasonic launch a web based interactive community called, Living In High Definition, needed a song. The VP took out the CD he had earlier received..and shared that I had written their Olympic commercial in 1992...a young ad exec went to my website...clicked on the YOUTUBE video of another song, and said..."That is it!" Unfortunately, that particular song is co-published by SONY MUSIC. Undaunted, the Panasonic VP simply said, "Tom has another song called, VIDEO DIARY, that will work even better." After 14 years had passed since we last worked together, he called me that afternoon, and we renegotiated our license. As part of the deal, he wanted copies of my own home videos. So..over the next month, I truly created a "VIDEO DIARY," for them. Go to my website...

Clearly, this would not have happened if I hadn't written & recorded TOOLS or built a website this past summer...and made a fun YOUTUBE video of ALL ALONG THE WAY.(Co-writer-Don Henry). So many many people to thank.....starting with my friend, Mark Montgomery, for bluntly asking me.."You do have a website?" ...when I didn't. And thanks again to Thom Flora..for designing and re-designing my website.

And most importantly, thanks continue to touch my life.....even in death........Love to all...Tom O.