Saturday, November 6, 2010

Climb your ladder again and again

Been thinking lately about how fast time passes. Lately it seems like the slide has been greased. In my youth, I couldn't wait for things to change, time to pass, for life to get better. Now I find myself reaching back to sweet memories of times when I was not fully aware of how sweet life tasted, trying to stop the slide I'm on now...or just slow it down. Just like when I was a kid at Lyon Platt field, I'd sometimes place my hands and knees against the sides of the metal slide in a useless attempt to slow down, fearing I was going too fast. Most of the time us kids would race to the bottom of the slide so we could climb the ladder and slide down again. So maybe the point isn't to slow your slide. Maybe it's just to enjoy the climb & ride over and over. A ride that really keeps going. If you're still breathing and dreaming, you can climb up again and keep going down, again and again. That seems too simple & obvious, but maybe it's true.