Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been educating myself lately about car repairs and marketing our website creations..the two aren't neccessarily connected...yet they can be...learning to diagnose and repair a car problem and a commercial venture..are not that different.....both can be costly and quite the adventure...

I have been finding the irony in many things these days. As previously noted, Panasonic re-licensed an old song of ours a few months back...picking up where we left off many years ago. They have recently brought in a major marketing consultant named Joseph Jaffee and his company, Crayonville. They made some changes to the site...produced and posted a's like a commercial..but much was real..the narrator pulls you in..she is one of even features VIDEO DIARY half-way through was a total surpise for us..they just forwarded the link.

Tonight, I searched the web and found Joseph Jaffee's website. I then proceeded to learn much about the new era of marketing and social media. As I learned these many new things from Mr. Jaffee(cool English accent..I assume it's real)...I was painfully made aware...of how much I DIDN'T KNOW. Thank you, Mr. Jaffee...I needed that! I wonder if he works on old GM cars?