Friday, March 11, 2011

Tools, A Personal Memoir Kindle EReader

Pleased and humbled to announce that Tools, A Personal Memoir, Vol 1, is now available for Kindle EBooks. Pleased, because it was kind of(in my mom's words)...a pain in the ass. I'm not confident when it comes to tech many in my generation, this internet & computer stuff, isn't in our genes. After unsuccessfully trying to register an account and upload the text..I found a small company on the Amazon website to help me format Tools...for Kindle. So that was all good! Why humbled? I feel humbled God there are so many books and things out is anyone ever going to find my little tribute book about Dad? But when I think about it..I am soon reminded about a chapter that I wrote about Dad in Tools. Dad was always proud of everything I ever did...size didn't matter...he was always appreciative of my efforts..and proud of my accomplishments...big and small. So if I start feeling intimidated by the thought of the size & competition of all the books & stuff on the internet, I type in Dad's book title..Kindle store...and wait for it to pop up...and there it is...pops up like an old friend showing up at your side door...and I smile...I smile because I can see Dad smiling...and I laugh...because I can hear Dad laughing...and I feel proud...because I feel Dad's love.

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Unknown said...

I couldn't wait for the CD so I downloaded the Kindle edition to my iPad. I read the entire book at a single sitting with my eyes fogging up and a big lump in my throat. What a moving tribute to your father and to that generation of Youngstowners so close to their immigrant roots. Thank you for sharing your dad's "Tools" with a wider audience.