Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lighting a new year

This past year has been filled with plans, hopes, and encouraging results. I continue to reach out via the vast internet. I have seen my actions result in a mixture of continued aspirations...some continued frustrations...and even great satisfactions. Such is life...since life is in itself a great mixture of those things. Practicing the preachings of my dear friend, Mark Montgomery, who said..."Give your content away for free," has resulted in a call back from an Italian-American themed magazine publisher in Chicago. I had previously sent him a free CD copy of TOOLS, A PERSONAL MEMOIR, nearly 18 months ago. This past week, as 2009 drew to an end, his reporter and I spoke for nearly 2 hours. I made a new paison & friend. As we talked, I realized that the goal I had set when I wrote TOOLS, was moving in the right direction. The reporter got it. The stories in TOOLS were about my father and his generation. I was merely the vessel. Theirs was a generation that lived through great disappointments and uncertainity, economic hardships, survival and success. They were the first generation to be born in USA of immigrant parents, who had sacrificed to come here so their children and grandchildren would have a better life. Most of that generation passed away before seeing that goal reached. I hope that I continue to share the message of TOOLS with more and more people, so they can see their parents and grandparents in a positive light. And I hope that a little of that light spills over and guides our generation in the right direction when times grow we keep moving...dreaming..and achieving.

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